Spring & Fall Cleanups

Spring & Fall CleanupsHow many times have you passed through property and thought it would have looked marvelous provided it was clean and organized? Responsible homeowners, who care about their lawns and landscapes, know that cleaning means more than removing leaves from the sidewalk with a broom.

Green Leaf is a lawn care and landscaping company offering year-round property design, building, and maintenance in Ithaca, Cortland, Syracuse, Binghamton, and the surrounding areas.

Spring and Fall Cleanup Services

Our cleanup services represent a smaller part of a broader landscape management strategy that covers the entirety of your property, vegetation, and hardscape’s needs. If you desire to contract our spring and fall cleanup services separately, here are some things you need to know:

  • We use the latest equipment and techniques to remove dead/fallen/diseased leaves from your property and to prevent their matting into the ground; we make sure the spring and fall vegetal debris does not entertain pests, fungi, snow mold, or diseases.
  • Spring and fall cleanups have an evident aesthetic purpose. A streamlined, clean, and the organized landscape is welcoming and inviting for you, your family, and friends. Moreover, you can call our experts for this service if you also want to boost your property’s curb appeal and you want our pros to make the landscape look like it has just materialized from the cover of a magazine.
  • Spring and fall cleaning serves a comfort purpose as well: the less vegetal debris lying around on the ground, alleys, walkways, driveway, etc., the less you will be worried about slippery surfaces, dirt, accidents, and other nuisances.
  • Our company also offers hardscape pressure cleaning – keeping your outdoor structures and buildings in perfect shape means protecting them from damages while enhancing their looks and appeal. We can pressure clean patios and decks, retaining walls, fences, and so on.

Spring and Fall Cleaning as Part of Our Integrated Property Management Strategy

Fully equipped to cover your lawn care and landscaping needs, Green Leaf has been working in the area for more than 12 years, offering excellent property management services. They include:

  • Lawn care (mowing, watering, etc.);
  • Landscape architecture (design, installation, building, both vegetal and hardscapes);
  • Fertilization and weed control;
  • Tree and shrubs care (including trimming, pruning, and injections);
  • Integrated pest management programs;
  • Year-round landscape maintenance (anything from irrigation systems installations to transplantation of trees) and more.

Should You Choose Our Spring and Fall Cleaning Services?

As you can see, you have a handful of reasons to work with us. Besides the positive feedback and referrals we continuously receive from our clients, here are some other reasons why you should choose us:

  • The Green Leaf owner has a Syracuse University degree and more than a decade of experience at the Cornell botanical gardens;
  • We have been servicing your area for more than 12 years, sharing more than 20 years of experience among us;
  • We carry licenses and certifications (in horticulture for instance, in pest management, tree injections, and more) and we regularly participate in training and seminars to learn all the new things and technologies the industry has to offer;
  • We are honest and reliable, answering the calls and keeping the schedules; we are also very friendly and open to offering our suggestions and advice to all our clients.

We offer free estimates, evaluation visits to your property, and fair prices for above-standard results! Contact us today to learn more!