Green Leaf Hardscaping

service-hardscapingModern homeowners enjoy full functional properties which blend perfectly the beauty of nature with the utility of outdoor structures. Some believe that smaller yards cannot accommodate an outdoor kitchen, retaining walls, or other hardscapes, but they haven’t met us before! Here at Green Leaf, we are proud of our experience, knowledge, and the above-standard technologies we use to turn each property, no matter its size, into an authentic corner of Paradise.

Hardscaping Services

When you dream about your gorgeous landscape, you inevitably include hardscaping among the lush vegetation, scented flowers, and plentiful trees you enjoy so much. Green Leaf, through collaboration with their landscape architects, has the knowledge, experience, and tools to design and build hardscape elements such as:

  • Retaining rock & block walls;
  • Walkways;
  • Patios, porches, and decks;
  • Drainage & irrigation systems;
  • Outdoor structures – cooking & barbecue areas, tool sheds, and more.

Achieving perfection is not an easy feat. A lush turf needs proper irrigation systems. A yard needs its patios and decks for the family to come together and enjoy quality time. A party with your closest friends requires a delightful barbecue/cooking area, while those long summer nights will become better when you take a stroll through your garden following the magical walkway we built for you, among flowerbeds and scented shrubs.

Integrated Landscaping Services

If you take a look at our landscaping services page, you will learn we work with landscape designers and builders able to tackle a property from two directions: vegetation and hardscapes. More than that, however, our commitment to your satisfaction means that we will back up landscaping (natural and hard) with a handful of other complementary services:

  • Seasonal cleaning;
  • Pressure washing of hardscape elements to restore their looks and functionality;
  • Landscape maintenance;
  • Irrigation – crucial for the thriving of your natural features, from turf grasses to majestic trees;
  • Integrated pest management programs – as we would never allow pesky insects or wildlife to endanger the vegetation or the outdoor structures you wanted;
  • Mulching – with its two primary outcomes, an aesthetic one and a protective one;
  • Tree and shrub care – as proper trimming and pruning are not beneficial only for the vegetal part of your property, but for hardscapes as well.

Our Work

Why Should You Choose Our Hardscaping Services?

As we said, after more than 12 years of experience in the field, we learned that beauty and functionality work hand in hand. Whether you want a minimalist hardscape design, a rustic one, or an elaborate one, we will hand you outcomes that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Here are some more reasons why you should choose our hardscaping services:

  • We offer above-standard services in landscape architecture. The Green Leaf owner has a degree from Syracuse University and 11 years working experience at Cornell botanical gardens. Our team members count more than 20 years of experience among them;
  • We work only with the latest and safest materials, technologies, substances, and equipment – covering all our services – so you and your family (including pets) are safe at all times;
  • All our strategies contribute to environmental sustainability and protection;
  • All our interventions are safe – we carry multiple types of insurance to keep everyone and everything safe;
  • We are reliable, affordable, and provide people with excellent customer service – one more reason why our clients refer us to their social networks time and again.

If you are looking for hardscaping services in Ithaca, Cortland, Syracuse, Binghamton, and the surrounding areas, contact us today, solicit a free estimate, and put us to the test!