Lawn Care in Ithaca NY

Lawn Care in Ithaca NYYour lush lawn deserves the best of care, especially now at the beginning of a new season. No matter its size, you have your hand full with lawn care activities – dependent of each other and working together to turn your lawn into a veritable patch of serene wonder. Nevertheless, if you do not have the time, the skills, or the budget to engage in DIY maintenance, you are in luck: our experts in lawn care in Ithaca NY cover everything your lawn needs all year long, and then some! Let’s listen to what they have to say!

What do We Mean by Outstanding Lawn Care in Ithaca NY?

When you hire our specialists in lawn care in Ithaca NY, you get a full range of services spanning the entire year. In other words, you have no reason anymore to call different companies for different jobs, as we can handle everything. Here are the main lawn maintenance services we can provide:

  • Regular lawn mowing with thorough inspections of the lawn’s state of health and development; we believe in prevention, and we will intervene in a timely fashion if our technicians notice the need of lawn treatments or tweaks;
  • Spring and fall cleanups to ensure your lawn is free of potential factors leading to the development of fungi or diseases;
  • Trimming and pruning of shrubs;
  • Flower beds maintenance and mulching;
  • Fertilization and weed control – necessary during spring and fall to ensure the robustness and health of your soil and vegetation while increasing their resilience to the weeds fighting for territory and nourishment these times of the year;
  • Lawn aeration and overseeding – yet another mandatory task to perform on spring lawns to allow them to thrive;
  • Flower planting and vegetation transplantation to turn your front yard into a picture-perfect, charming, and vibrant corner of paradise.

When you hire our lawn service team, don’t forget to ask them about our integrated and connected services as well. We built our reputation on highly professional services, including irrigation systems’ maintenance and pressure washing of your hardscape elements. Together, these activities add to each other to ensure the health and beauty of your property.

Why Should You Choose Us for your Lawn Care Needs?

Besides our exceptional services of lawn care in Ithaca NY, we also provide clients with full landscaping and hardscaping ones. However, you may feel that you can find such services somewhere else. For this reason, let us tell you X reasons why you should work with us:

  1. We have been in the green business for about 12 years; we grew together with the industry and now can stay ahead of the competition with our science-based and high-tech interventions, including hardscape building and maintenance, tree injections and sustainable lawn treatment programs;
  2. We carry insurance, so everything we do on your property is safe, together with our technicians;
  3. You can always trust us to respect schedules, leave your property crystal clean after we finish, and enjoy a stress-free, transparent, and straightforward billing system.

Last but not least, our experts in lawn care in Ithaca NY will provide you with more than a free estimate, regardless of your lawn size, but with their advice and recommendations on the most efficient and affordable solutions, you can opt for your lawn this year. So give us a call and let’s discuss the health and aesthetics of your yard and garden this spring!