Landscaping in Skaneateles NY

Landscaping in Skaneateles NYKeeping a landscaping lush and gorgeous all year long comes with plenty of sustainability costs. It needs a lot of water to thrive, fertilization and herbicides to stay in shape, insecticides against pests, and all sorts of other treatments that take a toll on the environment and your budget. But this year, you should not worry anymore! Our experts in landscaping in Skaneateles NY are here to tell you all about their sustainable, affordable, and stress-free services!

Sustainable Landscaping in Skaneateles NY: What You Need to Know

We have been in the green industry for more than 12 years now, and we take pride in our experience and superior education in botany and horticulture. Nevertheless, the same experience taught us that we have to provide our clients with the safest, healthiest, and most environmentally-responsible solutions for them to maintain their landscape lush all year long. Let us tell you how we approach landscape sustainability!

  • As landscape architects, builders, and maintenance experts, we can take care of the irrigation system on your property – the most problematic resource and money consumer you own. We can install a smart sprinkler’s system on your yard together with a drainage one. Moreover, if you already have irrigation, we can make sure it functions at the highest standards, as we can come periodically for maintenance tasks;
  • Our fertilization and weed control program is one of our most popular services in the community, as we use only safe and eco-friendly substances that we blend and tailor to meet your property’s specific requirements;
  • Mulching – we consider mulch to be an excellent slow-release fertilizer, with the double purpose of nourishing your landscape while offering it a pristine, neat look;
  • The integrated pest management program also relies on sustainability, as our treatments do not harm beneficial insects or the vegetation in the process;
  • The tree injections on the rotation cycle that we use contain and prevent tree pests and diseases and are among the safest you can find on the market.

We also believe in coherence, and we consider landscapes as fully functional unities with each component working together with the others for the greater good. For instance, pest control and weed control are interdependent tasks, just like aeration and overseeding, or fertilization and tree trimming.

If you want a team of experts in landscaping in Skaneateles NY to build, maintain, and restore your landscape, we are here every step of the way. Here are our other services that you might enjoy:

  • Regular lawn care;
  • Flowerbeds and garden installations and remodeling, with flower planting, tree transplantations or removals, shrub/hedge care, and more;
  • Hardscape pressure washing, because you achieve sustainability when the elements in your garden are in tip-top shape and do not need costly or aggressive treatments to restore their look or functionality;
  • Seasonal cleaning to minimize the risks of fungi or diseases taking over the property.

We can also build you a landscape – vegetal and outdoor constructions. Learn more about our services of landscaping in Skaneateles NY by visiting us or by talking to one of our experts about your plans. You will receive a free estimate and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.