Landscaping in Lafayette NY

Landscaping in Lafayette NYLandscaping takes more than just mowing from time to time and for cleaning the yard and garden in fall. It is a full-time job with plenty of responsibility and a handful of expenses from your part. You have to consider irrigation, tree injections, year-round fertilization and weed control, pest control, washing, cleaning, and trimming, and so on. Instead of thinking about your landscaping activities as burdens, why don’t you let our experts in landscaping in Lafayette NY take care of everything?

Professional Year-Long Landscaping in Lafayette NY

When you call our pros in landscaping in Lafayette NY, you benefit from an upfront free estimate. And don’t worry about how large or small your land is, we provide it anyway. If you want full-service maintenance activities to tackle all aspects of your landscape, here are what our technicians do for you:

  • Primary evaluation of the soil, vegetation, and Depending on the state of things, our team can offer you a full checklist of tasks necessary to perform to make your landscape look, feel, and function the way you want.

Our maintenance services include – without being limited to – the next jobs:

  • Regular lawn manicuring and inspection for potential problems;
  • Irrigation system inspection and maintenance so you do not waste money and resources with leaky faucets or sprinklers that underperform;
  • A step-by-step program of fertilization and weed control, addressing all the weeds that might want to take over; our customized blends and sustainable working methods are safe and have plenty of benefits for the soil’s nourishment level and the plants’ ability to stand against weeds;
  • An integrated pest management program tailored to tackle pest problems from early stages and keep your micro-ecosystem safe from dangerous invaders;
  • Other landscaping activities such as tree and shrub trimming, planting and transplantation of flowers, hedges, trees, or shrubs, new flowerbeds and garden installations, and more;
  • Safe and eco-friendly tree injections to keep your trees safe from diseases, using modern treatments;
  • Hardscapes pressure washing;
  • Seasonal cleanups to make sure that the perfectly manicured lawn and landscape do not fall prey to the viruses, fungi, or weeds entertained by vegetal leftovers.

Some homeowners have, however, more ambitious dreams and plans that turn into reality once they speak to our team of architects and technicians in landscaping in Lafayette NY. Many of our customers want full landscape redesigns that accommodate outdoor buildings and structures to blend in with the vegetal scenery. For them, we have the following services:

  • The construction of walkways, patios, pathways, decks, porches, leisure areas;
  • The building of outdoor kitchens, bars, or barbecues;
  • Irrigation and drainage systems projection and installations.

Here are two more things to know about us should you give us a try!

  1. We are experts in our fields, with years of superior education and practice in areas such as horticulture, agriculture, botany, and architecture;
  2. We provide our clients with full-year services comprising everything from the simplest lawn care tasks to the most elaborate landscape designs and builds;

We are serious, reliable, and trustworthy. You do not assume any risks when working with us. Our experts in landscaping in Lafayette NY offer a risk-free policy for any service they provide!